We maintain high standards on every furniture production process which enables us to guarantee the durability of our products for the period of Twenty Years (20) after Installation and handover. This is as a result of the quality and competency of our raw materials. Melamine Faced chip boards is our main/major raw material in furniture production. It is a decorative purpose panel which is produced of 0% non-recyclable wood particles which is pressed under temperature and pressure for a certain period of time.

More than 100 designs and colors are produced with 11 different surfaces to obtain the nearest surface to be dyed in various textures. While the production is done on glossy surfaces, to protect it from external influences this surface is protected with thin polyester foil. Our boards are sourced from renowned ODMs such as Egger, Kastamonu. We presently use 20 different patterns and we keep them in inventory to ensure less operational delays due to availability of materials


  • Abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Color and decoration match
  • Decorative Patterns
  • Low Flammability
  • Zero formaldehyde
  • Resistance to Chemicals
  • Shock resistance
  • Over 300 different patterns
  • Readily available

Wood Samples






Bute Siya

San Remo

Elvira Bej

Metalik Gri


Latin Ceviz



Star Belly



Fabric and Leather Samples

Leather NO 109

Leather NO 130

Leather NO 107

Leather NO 123

Fabric NO 137

Leather NO 122

Fabric NO 125

Fabric NO 126

Fabric NO 127

Fabric NO 129

Fabric NO 140

Fabric NO 22

Fabric NO 112

Fabric NO 111

Leather NO 136

Leather NO 134

Leather NO 124

Leather NO 125

Leather NO 131

Leather NO 132

Leather NO 127

Leather NO 135

Leather NO 107

Leather NO 105

Leather NO 126

Leather NO 101

Leather NO 106

Leather NO 111

Leather NO 108

Leather NO 103

Leather NO 102

Leather NO 112

Leather NO 113

Leather NO 120

Leather NO 121

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