At G.U. EBECO Industries Limited, quality and elegance are the trademarks of every piece of Furniture we make. Our tradition is deeply rooted in Modern and technologically driven craftsmanship. This, along with our attention and responsiveness to new design trends has consistently produced collections that are both timeless and current, the ideal expression of your taste and style. Extensive traditional collections and transitional styles are fused with our quality and professional industry experience to assist you in making bespoke design and furniture choices. The possibilities of this unique strategy are so varied that we are sure to meet every client’s furniture demands. We have taken into consideration, the evident nature of the Nigerian market; hence we have developed a suitable production process to enable us render optimum standard services to our customers. Our Manufacturing process ensures a step by step observation of the processes thereby allowing us to maintain high standards on every project; irrespective of the size of the project. We work assiduously to bring aesthetics and style together to create quality products to impress our clients. We unite quality and comfort with elegance and style by simply maintaining a flexible business strategy of manufacturing to customer preference, through effective business collaboration with our clients.

Our furniture manufacturing expertise spans through the following areas of furniture making:

  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Kitchens
  • Office Furniture
  • Wood works – wall panels, demarcations
  • Doors
  • Living Room Furniture


Till Date we have a formidable work force of at least 250 Permanent and casual staff. Our staff is stratified in two groups, Admin (30 persons) and Factory (220 Persons). Chief Ebere Goodwill Uzozie is the Founder and Chief Executive of G.U.Ebeco Industries limited.
Our bespoke furniture designs are produced by our experienced design team which is headed by Arc. Tochukwu Ogochukwu Ndife. Her design insights has tremendously assisted us in achieving our industrial goals of producing bespoke luxury and timely furniture pieces. Her wealth of experience garnered from her 7(Seven) years of active furniture designs development brings to the table an unfettered concept of furniture design which stands us out in the assembly of furniture manufacturers..
The Production Team is headed by Mr. Ayman Ali Alzobane. Well-grounded in the business of furniture manufacturing, Mr. Ayman has worked in several parts of the world producing world standard furniture. His reputation speaks for itself in the furniture manufacturing industry in Nigeria as his testimonial are proven and certified. Mr. Ayman has been producing bespoke furniture for the past 20 (Twenty years).

MD, CEO, Founder


Head of Quantity Survey

Human Resource Manager


The synergy of ideas and guides from our designers is reflected on every finished furniture piece. In designing Furniture, the customer forms the basis of the design orientation. For example, when we started off with furniture for kids such as bunk beds, room lockers& drawers, wardrobes. Etc. We conducted a survey into what children 8 to 12 years old really want from their space. The answer proved to be nearly unanimous; they want a place to relax and retreat where they can hang out with friends and still be close to their parents. So this helped us develop hybrid furniture styles that are classy and also durable.
Our designers and the production team are responsive to consumer tastes, and have conquered the ability to make style and selection affordable. Talented and ambitious, they are always inspired to integrate latest trends and discover emerging materials and technologies that enhance productivity and quality. Mastering the art of collaboration, they work closely with all the departments to ensure products are produced efficiently. This approach contributes to G.U.EBECO INDUSTRIES’S ease of manufacturing, cost control and flexible.
G.U.EBECO INDUSTRIES LTD’S clear and comprehensive approach to improving the quality of our products adds to our reputation as a Renowned Furniture Manufacturer. At G.U.EBECO INDUSTRIES LTD, we appeal to the first impression of our customers and aim for the highest out-of- box quality. Raw materials and finished products undergo extensive evaluations for durability, appearance, feel (hand), and overall performance. We feel good design combines form, function, quality, sustainability at a low price. We call it “Democratic Design” – we believe good home furnishing is for everyone. In keeping with our vision to be the best furniture company, G.U.EBECO INDUSTRIES pays close attention to our supply chain – the network between us and the suppliers involved in producing and distributing quality furniture to you. Our supply chain management system directs every variable that goes into making and moving product. Planned inventory levels ensure constant, timely supply of product. Our system is one of the most sophisticated, efficient, and dynamic logistics systems in the customized furniture manufacturing industry. With it we can continue to fulfil our mission to reduce costs and provide quality products on time and at an exceptional value.


Our manufacturing system is flexible from inception to completion of a job. We give the customer an opportunity to make changes at stages of the job; integrating a supple collaborative relationship with every customer. Our flexibility also ensure we deliver a furniture item that best brings the imaginations of the customer to life. Our manufacturing flexibility ensures that we integrate other materials such as aluminum, iron, glass etc. in our furniture manufacturing process.


Our professionalism ensures we manufacture by the following standards; We use a variety of joint construction methods that are time tested to ensure lifelong durability and strength. All wood drawers are assembled with dovetail joints for strength and durability. Drawers are suspended with heavy duty full extension guides allowing for effortless opening and closing. Drawer interiors are smoothly sanded and lacquer-sealed. Case backs are 5.2mm thick with recessed back panels. Shelves are adjustable, allowing flexibility and all mirrors are enhanced with 1″ bevelled edges.


We have internally evaluated our performance since inception into the furniture manufacturing industry as shown in the overall performance; to enable us guide our operations towards achieving our set out goals and milestones. As an organization, we believe that in order to ensure we achieve our set out goals; we have to build a tradition of consciously monitoring performance and total output in terms of capacity and finances.

Our performance evaluation process was divided into three main operations outlined below:

  • Human Capital
  • Accounts and finances
  • Production Capacity

These key points where used to ascertain the general performance of the factory; reviews from the evaluation are outlined herein;

At Inception in October, 2012 we started with two complete production lines comprising of table saws, veneer machines, drills, and pressing; an additional production line was added in July, 2013, now we have five complete lines of production. Number of sheets cuts in the day has increased from 40 sheets in 2012 to 50 sheets in 2013 and now we use 1500 sheets/daily

Our workforce has increased from 50 (10 Admin, 40Factory) in 2012 to 70(10Admin, 60factory) now we boast of 250 (30 Admin, 220 Factory) staff alongside increased remuneration which has been reviewed on a 12 months basis. Our staff comprise of 99% Nigerians. A 90% increase in our production capacity as regards, production lines, sheet cuts/daily and staff power and also a healthy financial history

G.U.Ebeco Industries Limited is an indigenous organization founded on the basis of hard work and professionalism and driven by the dedication of a positively minded Nigerians Dominated workforce geared towards the general emancipation of the Nigerian Economy and the common Nigerian. We ensure everybody is carried along on all issues in and around the organization; that way we maintain effective inward and outward collaboration with employees, suppliers, 3PLs and our esteemed clients which in turn guarantees excellence due to adequate transmission of operational information

We guarantee timely delivery on every project irrespective of size; we guarantee 3-5weeks delivery time on every project depending on the proximity and readiness of site. Quality materials and expertise from years of industry experience

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